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New to Microlab?

Start with: What are some of the basics I should know?

If your question is not in the list, please send an email to [email protected].

If you are sure you are connected to the Microlab network and you are not using a VPN, please try removing the printer from the “Devices and Printers” list in Windows and adding the printer again following the guide steps in https://microlab.nl/ufaqs/how-do-i-install-a-printer/

It does. Our printers can only be reached from a local IP address, which is not the case if you use a VPN.

Make sure you are doing every single step in our instructions. We found that often people skip step 4.h. Please select “Have Disk” and select the driver that you downloaded: Driver_Folder >Windows > 64bit > XP and newer > OEMSETUP.inf

Yes, it’s possible. Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.

Category: ICT & Internet

You can only connect to other devices like a NAS using the VLAN in an office or in a private wifi zone. To get a private wifi zone, please contact [email protected] for options and pricing.

Category: ICT & Internet

Send an email to [email protected] for a price list.

It might be. The speed of wifi depends on the usage throughout the building. Of course, we will strive to keep it as fast as possible. Fixed ethernet connections are 20/20 Mbs by default. If you need ethernet to be faster, send an email to [email protected] for options.

Category: ICT & Internet

As a basis all our members get access to the Microlab wifi network. All offices also have a VLAN (per office) with a 20/20 Mbs internet connection. Support on ICT is on a best-effort basis and can be reached at [email protected].

If you need any upgrades from this standard, please see contact [email protected]l for a price list as the options depend on your membership type and where in the building you are.   

Log in to MyMicrolab (https://my.microlab.nl) and it will be at the top of the page.

You need this info to:

  • Book a meeting room from the tablets next to the room door;
  • Use the printers; and
  • Book resources like the table saw.

The network you should use is: Microlab

(Note: do not use Microlab Guest if you are a member. This network is slower and doesn’t allow you to use the printers or meeting room tv’s.)

The password for this network is printed on the booklet you received when you became a member. It is also displayed on the monitors in the meeting rooms.

Category: ICT & Internet

We find that in 9 out of a 10 cases, the printers can be installed by following the instructions you can find in: How do I install the printer?

If you followed those instructions carefully and it still does not work, please check the following:

  1. Did you precisely follow the instructions in How do I install the printer? If not, please try again and follow every single step.
  2. Are you connected to the Microlab WiFi network? You have to be connected to the Microlab WiFi network to print. (Note that Microlab Guest is not the same network.)
  3. Do you have an active VPN or Remote Desktop connection? The Microlab printers will only work if you are connected directly to the Microlab network. In order to print, you will need to turn off any VPN you are running.
  4. Did you manually set a DNS server? If so, the Microlab printers and meeting room presentation software will not work.

TIP: a quick way to test if the problem is either #2, 3 or 4 is to go to: http://darkblue5.microlab.nl. If that page loads, you are connected to the Microlab WiFi without a VPN and the printers should work. If that page does not load, you are either on the wrong network, are using a VPN or are somehow getting your DNS from somewhere other than our servers.

We have 5 steps for installing the printer. 

  • Go to https://printserver.microlab.nl:9164/setup
  • Click download (don’t change the file name!)
  • Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions (Make sure you select “Microlab Shared Printers”)
  • Enter your print credentials
  • You are ready to print! (Select the right printer before you click print)

If the instructions do not work, please check out: Common Problems When Installing The Printer

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