Frequently Asked Questions

New to Microlab?

Start with: What are some of the basics I should know?

If your question is not in the list, please send an email to [email protected].

No, not personally. For incidental, small jobs, ask Chris, he’ll help you out. If you need it regularly for big jobs, contact [email protected] who own our on site forklift.

Please bring it to the shop, so the rightful owner has a chance to get it back.

Ask Chris, he might have found it, or someone might have brought it to him.

No. If you need a couple of screws every now and then, ask Chris, he’ll help you out. But in general all  materials and parts should be provided by members themselves. Wood can be ordered at Jongeneel, Baars & Bloemhof etc. who  deliver at our loading docks.

Please bring everything back as soon as possible, so other members have a chance to use them as well.

No, under no circumstance.

We charge extra for use of the CNC machine. We also expect a maker to have a basic set of hand tools and a screw machine. You can borrow ours incidentally, but this should not become a habit. Anything you use with our power tools that wears down (sanding pads,drills etc.) should be provided by you.

You can use almost everything; our workrooms, our big machines, the power tools from our shop and, if it’s incidental, you can also use hand tools from the shop.

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